Water Balloon Dodgeball

Water Balloon Dodgeball

New this year! Water Balloon Dodgeball. A friendly game of water-dodging fun!

How it works:

We will have 4 age groups and will start with the youngest age group.
Age Groups: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17

Kids must have their parents sign our waiver to participate.

  • Teams will be randomly selected from the kids that sign up.
  • For the youngest group, the water balloons will be at the back of the field on each side. For the two older groups baskets will be in the middle between sides, with a no-throw buffer zone around them to prevent kids from just sitting at the baskets and throwing them at each other.
  • No headshots allowed. If you hit someone in the head you have to go to the sidelines.
  • If you get with a water balloon you’ll go to the sidelines. *If you are hit in the head you can stay in, however, if you intentionally try to get hit in the head you will still be out.
  • Teams can bring back players by hitting a “Return” sign at the back of field, or by catching a water balloon without popping it.
  • The winner is determined in one of two ways: if one team gets every player out on the other team or when the water balloons run out, the team with the most players left on the field is the winner.