2nd Annual Memorial Fireworks Show! 

Join us for our 2nd Annual Fireworks Show at the Fair! Friday night, August 17th.  Please watch the fireworks from the Park area.

Funds Needed! 
Donate to the 2018 Fireworks show in honor of or in memory of a loved one on our GoFundMe page by clicking on the image   You can also mail a donation to Meadowlands Fair Fireworks, PO Box 152, Meadowlands, MN 55765


In 2016 a young Meadowlands volunteer firefighter, Joe Brownell, was killed in a tragic ATV accident.  The fire department made a donation to the family, who returned it and asked that something be done in Joe’s memory.   Joe liked fireworks and the fire department hatched the idea of honoring him with a fireworks show.

Enter the Central St. Louis County (Meadowlands) Fair.

Over the last few years, the fair board has talked about the possibility of adding fireworks to fair, but didn’t have the budget or the motivation to really get the ball rolling.  When the fire department suggested a memorial show, with an initial donation in honor of Joe, we knew we had to make it happen.

We also thought that other local families would contribute to memorialize or honor their loved ones, and we were right.  Within 6 weeks, we had raised enough to cover the cost of a small show. We are so appreciative of all those that have donated to honor a loved one or just because they are excited about the addition of fireworks at the fair.

There will be a banner at the fair listing the names of those being remembered/honored.
We’ve also included them here:


In Memory of:By:
Joe BrownellGreg Brownell
Joe BrownellThe Faricy Family
Fred KarasekPhyllis Karasek
Louise (Racek) AhlstromDiana Buck
Tom MeadeKim & Dave Baumann
Joe BrownellChuck Maly
NuzzieBetsy Crabb
Joe BrownellBecky & Dick Maly
Gene & Gloria BeckstromBryce Beckstrom
Skip BishopAnn Bishop
Robert ElmoreElizabeth Elmore Olson
Al FosnessDavid Fosness
Aileen MakelaJay Stevens
Helen MorseJay Stevens
Joe BrownellBeth & Scott Maly
JR "Dick" JohnsonMarjorie Johnson
Warren JohnsonBernice Johnson
Joe BrownellJoanne Brownell
Joe BrownellJesse Baker
Helen MorseJo Anne McMillian
Simon JohanekJo Anne McMillian
Mark "Nuz" GaulMarty Larsen
Marti LarsenMarty Larsen
Kevin HuntMarty Larsen
Bob & Mable LinderAudrey Randall
Frank & Reeda VallaGerald & Vicki Ridge
Joe & Hilda SimunovichMarina McManus
Rose & Phil RinghoferVal Tracy
Friends, family, angels we have had the pleasure of knowing in our lives. Duane & Rigo Valdez


In Honor Of:By:
Past Meadowlands Volunteer FirefightersMeadowlands Fire Department

Thank you others who donated as well:

Josh Nelson
Mike Esterberg
Tim Flansburg
Ann Ord
Gerald & Vickie Wick
Don Ridge & Family