Bean Bag Tournament

Bean Bag Tournament

Support the Meadowlands Fire Department at the Bean Bag Tournament

The Meadowlands Fire Department is hosting a Saturday Afternoon Bean Bag Tournament at the Trailside on August 19th at 4PM.  The cost is $10/person ($20/team). Cash only. Register at 3:30pm the day of the event ( by the alley where the competition is set up outside the Trailside) Contest starts at 4PM we ask that contestants be there 10 minutes before. 40 team limit.

We ask that you don’t stray too far from the competition, we will ask for a phone number to text you when it’s your turn if we don’t see you.  You’ll have 5 minutes from our text to get to your board.

There is no practice before the competition.

You can not use your own bags.

Prize to be announced.